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Upcoming Presentations


Sean D. Peterson is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering department at UW. He joined the engineering faculty in June 2009 after spending two and a half years as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, where he retains an Affiliated Faculty position. He grew up in San Diego, California, and received his graduate degrees from Purdue University.

Postdoctoral Researchers


Farideh Ghasempour, Ph.D.

Farideh is working on an algorithm to efficiently pack a piping system into a predefined space. This includes the physical packing as well as analyzing the fluid flow characteristics through the designed network. Optimization will be performed to minimize flow losses while maximizing volume for fluid motion. Farideh is co-advised by Dr. Ed Vrscay in the Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Waterloo..


Paul Hadwin, Ph.D.

Paul is working on inferring human vocal fold tissue parameters from clinical measurements, including vocal fold kinematics and glottal flow rate, using Bayesian analysis. Paul is an applied mathematician and is working on employing Bayes' theorem to the mechanics of speech.


Peng Zhang, Ph.D.

Peng is developing multi-functional seed particles for particle image velocimetry (PIV). The seed particles are hydrogel based and enable environmental sensing, with the primary focus on measuring pressure. When used in conjunction with standard PIV, these novel particles will allow simultaneous measurement of pressure and velocity within a fluid domain. Peng is co-supervised by Dr. Maurizio Porfiri at NYU:Poly.

Ph.D Students


Jia Cheng (Winston) Hu
Degree expected December 2019

Winston is examining the impact mechanics of a vortex ring impacting an annular disk for energy harvesting applications. Previous work in this area has involved cantilevered beams. Winston is performing a set of experiments examining the energy harvesting capabilities of ionic polymer metal composite annuli impacted by vortex ring trains.


Cederick Landry
Degree expected August 2021

Cederick is part of the research team exploring advanced compression technologies for improving lower limb circulation during a variety of activities, ranging for rest to heavy exertion. Specifically, Cederick is exploring alternative actuation modalities to generate compression to the leg within a small time window of the cardiac cycle. Cederick is also exploring optimization of the compression timing and protocol using machine learning.


Alireza Pirnia
Degree expected May 2019

Alireza is investigating the dynamics of a flexible beam subject to the pressure field induced by a passing train of vortices. This theoretical and experimental work has two primary motivations: (i) to elucidate the influence of intra-glottal vortices on the dynamics of the vocal folds; and (ii) energy harvesting from the fluid when the beam is replaced by a smart material. Alireza is co-advised by Dr. Byron Erath at Clarkson University.


Caddie Zhang
Degree expected April 2020

Caddie is part of the research team investigating droplet dynamics on a solid surface subjected to an air jet. Caddie is primarily responsible for conducting the experimental campaign exploring the imposed aerodynmaic loading and the resulting influence on droplet shape and motility. Caddie will be using measured aerodynamic loads (both direct and indirect) to develop semi-empirical models of droplet dynamics. Caddie is co-advised by Dr. Serhiy Yarusevych.

Master's Students


Jon Deng
MASc Degree expected August 2017

Jon is studying human phonation using a novel cyber-physical vocal fold facility developed by a previous student, David Sommer. Specifically, Jon is examining the time-varying pressure loading within the glottis as a function of the vocal fold tissue parameters and subglottal pressure.


Allie Fawcett
MASc Degree expected August 2018

Allie is working on an advanced active compression system to aid in the return of blood from the lower limbs. Specifically, she is focused on developing the sensor platform and feedback controller to ensure that compression occurs at the optimal time and at the proper levels.


Supun Pieris
Degree expected August 2017

Supun is studying the dynamics of a droplet on a surface subjected to a jet of varying angles, ranging from orthogonal to the surface, to a wall jet. The aim of the work is to determine a set of optimal conditions for removing water droplets of varying dimension from a surface using an air jet. Supun is co-advised by Dr. Serhiy Yarusevych.


Ben Pocock
Degree expected August 2018

Ben is studying the one-dimensional dynamics of a cylinder spring-mounted in a cross flow. Ben is using a novel cyber-physical system, wherein fluid loading is measured experimentally and fed into a reduced-order model of the dynamics to determine the appropriate displacement. The cylinder is then actuated in real time in response to the load. This enables parametric evaluation of governing parameters by changing the spring (and mass ratio) in software.


Eugene Zivkov
Degree expected May 2017

Eugene is continuing work on energy exchange between coherent fluid structures and compliant beams. His initial work will involve experimentally validating previously published analytical work and broading the parameter range to more fully elucidate the energy harvesting capacity of IPMCs. This work will use vortex rings as the energy source. The second phase of Eugene's work will focus on the the potential for energy exchange from turbulent eddies in a shear layer. Eugene is co-advised by Dr. Serhiy Yarusevych.

Previous Students

Elisa Mancia (MASc 2008)
Alessandro Rovardi (MASc 2008)
Chekema Prince (MASc 2009)
Hisham Touma (MASc 2013)
Dr. Chekema Prince (PhD 2014)
Jennifer Book (MASc 2014)
David Sommer (MASc 2014)
Brian Kettlewell (MASc 2015)
Wenzhe Jiang (MMath 2015)
Jia Cheng Hu (MASc 2015)
Ajith Airody (MASc 2016)
Dr. Laura Haya (Postdoctoral Fellow 2017)
Dr. Filippo Cellini (PhD 2017)
Dr. Gabriel Galindo (PhD 2017)